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Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari (2015) DvDRip Free Download

Drama | Romance
Not Rated
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The movie is about a hot-headed guy Ramachari, who becomes a fan of Vishnuvardhan's Ramachari from Nagarahaavu after seeing the same consequences they went through. He goes to an extent to get Vishnu's Ramachari tattooed on his chest. Due to his waywardness, his relationship with his father will be spoiled to an extent where the father and son cant stand each other. Ramachari's father prefers his elder son Hari, who is docile and studious. He hardly goes to college and mostly hangs out with his friends Dattu and Chikkappa, this becoming reason for resentment of Dattu's mom. On one of his rare visits to college, he encounters Divya who is being ragged and its love at first sight for Ramachari. Divya falls for Ramachari and he prefers calling her Margarette(Heroine's character name in movie Nagarahaavu). Its beautiful first few days for the lovers and they decide to get married. Eventually, problems start creeping in their relation and they break up. Ramachari's agrees to marry a girl ...


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Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari (2015) DvDRip Free Download 720p Screenshot

Posted on: September 25th, 2015

Posted by: king

Category: 2015 | Action | Bollywood | Drama | DVDrip

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